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  1. Enjoy being safe this winter.

  2. Gripping stuff

    As the only point of contact between your car and the road, tyres are arguably the most important safety feature on your vehicle. They provide the grip for steering, braking and acceleration and, to further enhance that grip, tyre tread is designed to squeeze water out from the tyres' contact patch.

    Don't get caught out this winter

    • Did you know?

      Snowing or not, when the temperature drops below 7°C, the tread compound in normal tyres begins to harden, reducing your grip on the road.

    Our winter tyres are now in stock and, judging by the demand we experienced last winter, we're expecting them to sell out fast. Due to the grip from winter tyres we recommend that all 4 tyres are fitted.

  3. Discount Tyres:

  4. MasterFit Tyres & Auto Centre supply and fit the largest array of discount tyres in Hertfordshire Area.  MasterFit Tyres discount tyres include:
  5. avon
    Cheap Avon Tyres
    Cheap Firestone Tyres
    Cheap Bridgestone Tyres
    Cheap Goodyear Tyres
    Cheap Continental Tyres
    Cheap Michelin Tyres
    Cheap Dunlop Tyres
    Cheap Pirelli Tyres
    Cheap Yokohama Tyres
  6. Any obscure size tyre or brand can normally be sourced within a 24 hour period.
  7. When To Change Your Tyres:

  8. The legal tyre tread limit in Great Britain is 1.6mm. To make it easy to check the tyre tread available, tyre manufacturers mould a raised bar called a tyre wear indicator at 1.6mm so, when the surrounding treads are level, you are on the legal limit and the tyres need changing. Also, if there is excessive cracking, this may also indicate the tyres needing to be changed (see tyre age section). If you are in any doubt, please call in for a tyre safety check.
  9. Tyre Pressures:

  10. It is always important to maintain the correct tyre pressures as under-inflated tyres will wear on the shoulders and over-inflated tyres will wear out the center part of the tread. There are other reasons why tyres wear unevenly. One of these reasons could be misaligned (tracking) wheels which result in uneven tyre wear.

We have a wide range of new tyres from budget makes to brand names in stock, including part worn tyres at 70s prices!

WE WONT BE BEATEN ON PRICES. We guarantee the prices.

will match any prices and still give you theWe  best price to match your pocket.

Master Fit Tyres recommends that the nut torque must be checked again after 50 miles (80km). We now offer fantastic deals on winter tyres. Call us now or come in for a happy quote. Master Fit Tyres offers cheap tyres in Welwyn Garden City!

Are you against buying used tyres?

Have you ever bought a used car?

If the answer is yes then you have bought used tyres. Just think about it....everybody is driving on used tyres!

We have a well equipped tyre fitting bay and we offer a full fitting and wheel balancing service

What's included in the full fitting service:

  • Tyre fitting up to 20" rims
  • Wheel balance
  • New Valve fitted with every tyre
  • Disposal of your old tyres
  • New Valves

Our range of high quality   ’JINYU' car tyres have been produced to the highest standards.Consequently ,we are able to extend the warranty on your JINYU tyre purchase are available with a FREE lifetime warranty until it reaches a tread depth of 2mm and includes accidental damage(excluding winter, 4×4, commercial & runflat tyres, full details in-store). 
We stock a wide variety of tyres from all the leading brands and, any that we don’t stock, we can easily obtain.

As well as cars and Light commercial, we are also able to fit caravan and trailer tyres.

To obtain a competitive quote for tyres; please pop in to, or call your local store or you can Contact Us and we’ll get right back to you.